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Hazardous Material Testing


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We provide hazardous materials testing to detect the presence of asbestos, lead or mould in a home or other building. We use the latest technology to ensure a property is safe for use. Builders and remodelers contact us to check for these hazardous materials so they can either be removed or managed throughout the project. All three of these hazardous materials can cause health complications and medical conditions which may be permanent and even fatal. They can enter the lungs as you breathe in air where asbestos or mould has been exposed. Lead can enter the bloodstream, leading to long-term medical complications.

If a property which is deemed optimal for the presence of one of these materials is not tested, it can become dangerous to the workmen and others who operate in the vicinity. Through our testing methods, we can provide a sound determination of the risks involved for the project. Before you can create and implement a hazardous materials management plan, you must know which materials are present. Our testing methods provide valuable information which allows you to implement your chosen strategy and move forward with your project safely. 

Hazardous Material Report


Whether you are renovating a space or demoing it to build a new building on the site, you need to know what to expect. We inspect the building and complete a thorough inspection. Our team is trained and qualified to inspect for hazardous materials. Once we have completed the inspection, we create a pre-renovation report or pre-demolition report to provide to our clients so they can review our findings.

We also review any current reports involving hazardous materials to help you come up with a management plan. We can also provide recommendations to continue the project in a safe manner.

Air Quality Testing


We provide air quality testing so you know the quality of the air being breathed in inside a building. Several factors can affect the quality of the air, including the temperature and relative humidity, design of the space, number of occupants, equipment which generates heat and light and sound.

Our team also checks for the presence of indoor mould as well as asbestos. We can let you know if you are at a high risk for these materials and what you should do about it. Improper heating and ventilation can lead to indoor mould, which can cause chronic health conditions. 


Daily Air Monitoring

If issues with the air is found, we can provide daily air monitoring to ensure any problems are resolved to provide a healthier environment for your employees and customers. Once we complete the testing and determine the air is of adequate quality, you can feel confident in the safety of your building. 


Hazardous Material Consulting

Our team also provides consulting on hazardous materials sites. We can help you come up with methods of containment and ways to reduce the risk of exposure for people who must work in this environment. We will also assist you with creating a hazardous materials management plan to either remove the materials or contain it.


Risk Assessments

We can assess your site or building and create a risk assessment for the levels of hazardous materials in your area. We can look at the report and the work to determine risk level for WCB work procedures on site. We assist in locating hazardous materials and determining the best method of removing or containing them. We assist you in maintaining records of testing to meet any industry-specific requirements.

We provide complete service for detection of, eradication or containment of and management of asbestos, lead and mould to keep your work area or office safe.


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